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Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

A few years ago, I started making cakes on the side mostly for friends and family. But at the request of others I decided to pursue this as a small, small, business on the side to make a little extra money and of course I absolutely LOVE cooking and baking so it’s a good fit for me. 

I’ve also been meaning to write a blog featuring an article in our local Newspaper’s Taste section about my cake but I just haven’t gotten around to that yet… look for that blog soon. 

Today, I had an order for Birthday Cupcakes, Strawberry with Cream Cheese Frosting. Thank you and Happy Birthday to Catinia ! I thought I’d post a nice photo of these cupcakes because I was just so darn proud. 



Cool Pantry Tools

These are some of my favorite items in my kitchen. Most of these are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Hope you enjoy looking over some of these kooky and unique items. 

       This awesome Mustache glass was a gift from one of my best friends, Nichol. At her bachelorette weekend in New Orleans, she gave each of her bridesmaids in attendance a different mustache glass. It was so unique and thoughtful and because each of us got a different mustache on our glass very personal as well. I love stemless wine glasses and this one holds a special place in my heart. 


These Bobble reusable water bottles are AMAZING! They are reusable so they cut down on wasting plastic water bottles AND they filter the water so I can be assured I am drinking clean water. Not only does it save money because I’m not constantly buying water bottles at the grocery store  but it is really convenient because I take it every where and can have filtered water wherever I go now, just by buying new filters every two months! These were a Christmas present from my friend Candace and they were a wonderful idea, I was ecstatic about them and I am still using them. 



    Okay these next awesome pantry utensils are both aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. I LOVE these! They have replaced my other measuring cups and take up way less space. They are always together in one place which means no more rummaging through drawers for my measuring cups. Also a gift from my friend Nichol, she knew JUST what I would like.


        So this spoon rest is sort of near and dear to my heart because I made it myself. We have this awesome pottery painting place in my town and years ago when I needed a spoon rest I painted this one myself. I know I’m partial because it’s mine but still, I love it because it is original to my kitchen and no one else has one exactly like it. 


Okay, so I have tons of wine stoppers because, well… I love wine. But these two wine stoppers are two particular favorites. One has my initial on it which my boyfriend found in a tiny shop outside of our hotel in Mobile, Al. The other, is a fun sequence wine stopper that says I’m here to party. My friend Nichol actually gave this to me attached to the top of my Christmas present so it was really a PRE-present. I just love that idea! 

This next special item in my kitchen was actually FREE! That’s right FREE from Publix. I bought several bottles of wine, of course, and they gave me this wonderful bag to carry it home in. It’s reusable and I take it with me to the wine store now and even when I take several bottles to a friend’s house. 


A pot rack is a must-have in my tiny kitchen. I have virtually no storage space so when I got this pot rack as a birthday gift from my boyfriends mother I was overjoyed with the prospect of getting my pots and pans off of the open shelves in our kitchen and hanging at least semi-attractively. It is so convenient to have all of my pots and pans hanging right about my head as I cook. They are all literally at my fingertips as I cook.

Finally, this utensil holder has been in my family for a long time and I don’t think my countertop would be complete without it. It just completes my kitchen and it holds all my spoons and spatulas as well.